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Websites of our generation have become the store front where people make a decision about your business. No longer does it take window shopping or a face to face for a prospect to be converted into a clients. It now only take a few seconds of browsing your company website before they choose to go across the information highway to your competition. In this regard, it’s imperative to make a good first impression.

The first step is to know what you want to do with your site:

The second step is deciding from the following types of sites:


Exactly what the name suggests, this type of site provides information about you and what you do. Similar to what you would find in a printed brochure.


With a blog, the company posts information regularly, (twice a month or more) relevant to their products/services or industry. These are often written conversationally to encourage readers to comment and subscribe with the goal in mind: generate a significant customer subscription base and drive sales.


e-commerce sites allows you to sell products/services directly to customers via a shopping cart and payment processing utility, like:

There are several other types of sites you might consider, including: Database sites, Forum/Community sites and Content-driven sites. You can read about those here:

Step three is choosing your domain name:

Read this how to article for everything you need to know about picking the right domain.

The fourth step is to make the Ever Important decision of who will design, develop and host your site.

Each of these services can be purchased separately but it makes life easier for the small business owner if these services are bundled.

After your site is up and running and even at about 90% completion, it’s time to start promoting by submitting your site to all the major search engines, by advertising and by implementing a Search Engine Optimization(SEO)/Search Engine Marketing(SEM) strategy.

That’s all there is to starting a website. Choose what you want to do with your site, select the type of site you want, decide on a domain name and pick a design/development/host company(ies).

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