You Need a Website?

The big question for small business today: do all businesses need a website? Or, more specifically, does my small business need a website?

The short answer is a qualified ‘yes’. All businesses need a website, unless they can answer yes to the following questions: Do you have all the customers you want, need, or can serve? If yes, you won’t benefit from a website. One of the primary reasons businesses need a website is to secure more customers. If you don’t need or can’t serve more clients, then your business doesn’t need a website.

Is your business super-small and 100% of your clients are referrals from other clients? This would be another business that might not need a website.

Even those businesses who answered yes to the above questions could benefit from having a website, but could legitimately say that their small business doesn’t need a website.

What does a website do for small businesses, or, why all businesses need a website:

A website is an interesting entity. It functions as an advertisement, a phone book listing, a point of contact, and sometimes a storefront. We’ll look at these functions in turn.

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