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Templates VS. Pages

Friday, November 4th, 2011

I recently had to make a very clear distinguishing between the page of a website and a website template. When you are having a site developed for the first time, these terms can be confusing. So, I will try to un-clutter the mess of phrases and definitions to create a clean frame of understanding to make your web development process easy.

Let’s start with the obvious.

When you visit a website, you arrive on a page. As you click around, you go from page to page. This may be from Home page, to the Contact page, to the Blog. If you are shopping, there could be hundreds of pages as you browse various products. So a websites pages can be many and each page is filled with content. Pages can also have other elements beside the content of the page. This is where templates come in.

By definition:

wireframe template 1

A preformatted file type that can be used to quickly create a specific file. In the Template, everything such as Font, Size, Color, Background pictures are preformatted…

A web template is a tool used to separate content from presentation in web design, and for mass-production of web documents. Read more

In other words…

Templates hold basic repetitive information. For example, many websites contain the following elements: Header, Footer and Sidebar. These elements are placed into a template along with the content and when put together, make up a page.

wireframe template 2
A website can have multiple templates. Most commonly, 2. One for the Home page and one for secondary pages. Our basic website package offers 2 templates. This allows you flexibility and variation for your content.

I hope this distinguishes templates and pages and how they are both used to make up a website.

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Old Designs

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Design is without age. The following designs are retired but still as good today as the day the HTML was written for them. Please check them out!

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Powers of Design

Saturday, July 3rd, 2010

A website is a great way to promote your business as well as share information about your business to a wide audience simultaneously. Your website is a self-service medium, allowing customers to visit and interact with you at their leisure.

It’s also great for standardizing responses to customer inquiries. When someone has a question, you can direct them to your website where the answer and much more awaits them.

Your website is an excellent means to get organized as you can securely store any business information on your server. Or you can include all of your standard operating procedures. You can convert all paper forms into electronic forms and store the results online.

As your business evolves and you offer new products and services, your website can easily accommodate the evolution of your business. The CMS attached to your site makes updates and changes quick. Having up to date and real time information result in better customer relationships, thus improving your brand. The possibilities of what your website can do is only limited to your imagination.
Let us know if you’re ready to start building your website.
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